Out on a Limb

Hope the branch is sturdy on this little potted plant!Out on a Limb  4"x4" by Pam Schoessow


Summer Quilting

Even on a cold day like today, I have to imagine that someday it will be Summer and I will no doubt be quilting.  Even dreaming of Summer seems to warm me up a bit.

Summer Quilting 5 x 7 watercolor on paper by Pam Schoessow

Summer Quilting 5 x 7 watercolor on paper by Pam Schoessow

The Bird Tree

So where to the birds go to hang out?  The Bird Tree of course.  It’s a fowl favorite!

The Bird Tree 5 x 7 inches on watercolor paper  by Pam Schoessow  pamelajeannestudio.com

The Bird Tree 5 x 7 inches on watercolor paper by Pam Schoessow pamelajeannestudio.com

Bunny with Flowers

I wish I was more original.  I saw a drawing similar to this on Pinterest with a cat sitting in the chair.  I decided it should be a bunny holding a flower in my painting.  Is that cheating?

Is he waiting for his Valentine?     Bunny with Flowers 5" x 7" on watercolor paper by Pam Schoessow

Is he waiting for his Valentine?
Bunny with Flowers 5″ x 7″ on watercolor paper by Pam Schoessow

Day 17: Glorious Sax

You may not know I’m a sax player.  I played in various jazz bands all through high school and college.  Playing the sax took me all across the US, Canada and even Romania and Bulgaria.  I played my sax at a resort on the Black Sea.  I even played in a back up band for jazz great, Dizzy Gillespie at my local community college.  I’m certainly not any where near a professional, but I had lots of good times with my sax.  Unfortunately, I don’t play much any more.

Glorious Sax

This little painting gave me way too much grief today!   For some reason, my materials just seemed to be working against me.  And it took way too long when I needed to be at my quilting machine.  It came out sloppier than I intended.  Well, there’s always tomorrow!

Watercolor on 300 lb hot pressed paper    8″x 10″

American Flower Pot

We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend here.  Warm weather has finally arrived!  The trees  just about have all of their leaves and the world is glorious.  Our little town of Antioch, IL (pop. 8500 or so) has put up American flags on all the light posts downtown.  It’s a little slice of midwest Americana.  That’s probably what inspired this  piece.  Flowers and flags put a smile on my face!

ImageThis is just one of several paintings I have added new to my Etsy shop today.


China Flowers

More pictures from my recent trip to China.  I don’t claim to be a great photographer, but I thought I would share these anyway.   The trees and flowers were just gorgeous!  Especially as we have nary a leaf on a tree yet here in Chicago, I’m so glad that wasn’t the case on our April trip.

These pics are from a 1000 year old garden in Suzhou.  Even though it was a little rainy that day, it was still quite beautiful.



The Chinese love their rocks.  You will see them prominently displayed everywhere.Image


Kularb, Mike, (my brother & his wife),  Pam (that’s me!) and my hubby, David.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Loved this cute umbrella that a little girl was carrying.Image

Outside the garden, there was a farmers’ market.  The fruit was as pretty as the flowers.


Not sure I recognize these!


On the way back we stopped at a flower market in Shanghai.  I’ve never seen orchids like these!


Tabletop trees made of live bamboo.


Tiny dried gourds–about 3″ long.  Not sure what you would do with them, but they were cute nonetheless.Image


Here at home, I’m just hoping my tulips will finally bloom this week!



Day 24 Think Spring

For those of us in the northern part of the northern hemisphere, this winter has NOT been fun!  More below zero temperatures are coming and there seems no end in sight.  In times like this we must keep our chins up, stay inside and THINK SPRING!  We know it will come…. someday!  So today’s painting is one of optimism.



5″ x 7″ watercolor on board     $38   Buy it in my Etsy Shop.

Day 15 A Pocket Full of Posies

Ring around the rosie, a pocket full of posies…..  I’ve had this image in my head for a while and thought I would paint my own “pocket” of flowers.  It just seemed to need a bunny also.  He’s looking for his Valentine.  Will he find her before it’s too late?


5″ x 7 ” watercolor on Aquabord   See it in my Etsy shop.


Day 14 Bunny on a Hill

This bunny is enjoying some warm breezes.  Hope some come our way soon.  We are almost to the half way point of this challenge.  Congratulations to everyone who is sticking this out.  I am enjoying some wonderful art everyday from all of you.



4″ x 4″ watercolor on Aquabord with easel  See it in my Etsy shop.

Quilter’s Home

Can you tell a quilter lives here?  If you are a quilter, can people tell as soon as they walk through your door?  How about before they even come in?  I must admit I proclaim my addiction right on my front porch where there is always a seasonal quilt tossed over a chair.  If that wasn’t clue enough, guests are bombarded with quilting first thing in my front foyer.  What’s your quilting house like?


My Quilting Studio

I actually have a few quilting “studios”.  I have taken over my living room and two upstairs bedrooms for my quilting obsession.  That doesn’t even count the boxes and bins in the hallway and basement that are overflowing with fabric and unfinished vintage quilt tops.  Even then, the work often overflows into my family and dining rooms.  My poor family has to put up with it all.  But no one complains.  I painted this little sign just for fun.  Maybe I need to make several!