Happy Easter

Happy Easter by Pam SchoessowHope you are enjoying this wonderful day.


Spring is Coming at Last!

We had quite a bit of snow melt this last week and finally I was able to get most of my Christmas lights/decorations taken down (some were still stuck in ice).  But we are supposed to be in the mid-60’s tomorrow.  Woo hoo!  I even went to church today without a coat!   That felt so nice.  I did a little painting over the weekend.  I actually started this one a few weeks ago, but I couldn’t get in the mood to finish it until the weather got warmer. But now I am all for pastels and bunnies. Easter will be here before you know it!



Egg Tree

Did you know that Easter eggs grow on trees?  Well, the Easter bunny does!  How else to do you think he manages to fill all those baskets?



Original watercolor on Aquabord with easel  4″ x 4″  $28 in my Etsy shop

Day 24 Think Spring

For those of us in the northern part of the northern hemisphere, this winter has NOT been fun!  More below zero temperatures are coming and there seems no end in sight.  In times like this we must keep our chins up, stay inside and THINK SPRING!  We know it will come…. someday!  So today’s painting is one of optimism.



5″ x 7″ watercolor on board     $38   Buy it in my Etsy Shop.

Day 9 To Market

Still drawing bunnies.  This bunny is quite the fashonista!  And she’s only going to the store.  I wonder what she plans to fix for dinner?


5″ x 7″ watercolor on aqua board with easel.  See it in  my Etsy Shop.

Day 2 The Gang’s All Here.

I loved drawing these little bunnies.  I’m not sure how to classify my little paintings.  Folk art?  Nursery art?  You decide.  Right now I’m just having fun with these little “bits”.   *SOLD*


4″ x 4″ watercolor on board with easel.  $28  See it in my Etsy shop.