Smile and a Mishap

Wish I could redo the painting on this one.  I painted the letters blue, and then I wished I had left them white.  I had the “bright” idea that I could lighten them up with “Whiteout”–which happened to be handy.  BAD idea!  I used my watercolor brush and quickly found out that the “Whiteout” is oil based and sticks like glue!  I tried to wash the brush, but the white just got all over my fingers and won’t come off.  I guess I need turpentine.  And the brush is now in the garbage.  And now you know–Whiteout is NOT like watercolor!  And it didn’t even cover up the blue.

So even though this was a disaster, I learned from it and I still like my drawing–just don’t like how the painting came out.  Shows what an amateur I am!   I tried to spruce it up a bit with a border done in Picmonkey.  Hope you will “SMILE” anyway.

Smile by Pam Schoessow


It’s time to get serious about this move I’m making across country in a couple of weeks.  I discovered I have over 100 pieces of little art in my Etsy shop so I have decided to have a first ever SALE to lighten up a bit. If you are interested in some whimsical art from the “Quilter turned Artist”, then check it out at  The sale just runs until August first, and then I’m out of here!  Thanks for all your support.  I do hope to keep up with my blog better once I get settled.

10 Day sale at by Pam Schoessow

10 Day sale at by Pam Schoessow

Motivational Poster to Color

I did more doodling while I was watching TV last night.  Here’s another coloring page you can download for free in my teacher store here.

Get out those colored pencils and have some doodle fun!

Get out those colored pencils and have some doodle fun!

Everybody Sing!

I just opened a new “store” at TeachersPayTeachers. This drawing is a FREE digital download.     Print it out and have some fun coloring it in!    Check it out here.

Fun printable to color.  Who doesn't like to sing?

Fun printable to color. Who doesn’t like to sing?

The Bird Tree

So where to the birds go to hang out?  The Bird Tree of course.  It’s a fowl favorite!

The Bird Tree 5 x 7 inches on watercolor paper  by Pam Schoessow

The Bird Tree 5 x 7 inches on watercolor paper by Pam Schoessow

Day 17: Glorious Sax

You may not know I’m a sax player.  I played in various jazz bands all through high school and college.  Playing the sax took me all across the US, Canada and even Romania and Bulgaria.  I played my sax at a resort on the Black Sea.  I even played in a back up band for jazz great, Dizzy Gillespie at my local community college.  I’m certainly not any where near a professional, but I had lots of good times with my sax.  Unfortunately, I don’t play much any more.

Glorious Sax

This little painting gave me way too much grief today!   For some reason, my materials just seemed to be working against me.  And it took way too long when I needed to be at my quilting machine.  It came out sloppier than I intended.  Well, there’s always tomorrow!

Watercolor on 300 lb hot pressed paper    8″x 10″