My Quilting Studio

I actually have a few quilting “studios”.  I have taken over my living room and two upstairs bedrooms for my quilting obsession.  That doesn’t even count the boxes and bins in the hallway and basement that are overflowing with fabric and unfinished vintage quilt tops.  Even then, the work often overflows into my family and dining rooms.  My poor family has to put up with it all.  But no one complains.  I painted this little sign just for fun.  Maybe I need to make several!



12 thoughts on “My Quilting Studio

  1. loved your story about taking over the house
    my husband has to go down the hallway sideways I have a quilt on a fabric wall and stools with fabric pieces on them. Totes of fabric in the garage and two bedrooms with sewing “stuff”.
    He has a little shed he shares with the lawnmower. Wonderful life for a quilter.


  2. I love following you, Pam. I am not a quilter but an admirer of quilts. I too have taken over the garage, my backyard studio, a pool table (built a nifty plywood cover for it!) and my daughter’s old bedroom. My spaces are filled with art supplies for several mediums and now I am in love with palette knife painting. I also love your Mary Engelbright-ish art. I see merchandising in your future!


    • I really appreciate your comments. Yes, my house has been taken over by MY stuff. My husband and son have learned to live with it. I love being compared to Mary E. I admire her work greatly. My quilt guild is having a show at the end of the month. I am making some things for the boutique–including my paintings in some form. So I am thinking of what quilters might enjoy at the moment.


      • Hi Pam, I used to be a member of your guild but now live in Mexico. Your artwork is wonderful! And your quilting is even more beautiful than I remember. I think you should make a few of these “My Quilt Studio” signs, frame them and sell them. I KNOW you would sell several. People will even give them as gifts, I think. And they don’t have to be originals, they can be prints. Good luck!


      • Thanks, Kathleen. I really appreciate the encouraging words. I thought that making prints would be the ideal thing to do, but I’m having trouble getting the color right, even with help at Office Max. I should probably go to a real printer and see what they can do for me. Wish you could come to the show. It will be great, as you well know.


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