The Flowers That Be

Here’s the drawing I made a couple of weeks ago.  I painted it with watercolors and then played around with the exposure, and added some boarders on the computer.

The Flowers that Be by

The Flowers that Be by


Flower Basket

No, no quilting yet.  My machine is still in storage. But I need a creative outlet to de-stress.flower-basket-framed

Flowers do make me happy, but these are a little strange.  I haven’t painted or drawn anything for so long, I don’t feel much like an artist at all.  This is messy.  Watercolors take practice and I am really out of practice.  I feel like I am starting over, and I hope you don’t mind if I share a few things that truthfully, I’m not too happy with.  I’m trying to bring some balance to my life my drawing more, even if it is just doodling.  And I don’t claim to be very original as I do look at Pinterest a lot.  Here is the non painted version.


Maybe I should have left it this way.  Really struggling with colors–but I’ll probably get better if I keep trying.  The only reason I had time to do this was I was home sick with a cold from work today.  Hope my weird creation at least made you smile!

Free Pattern & Tutorial for Patriotic Quilt

The school year is almost over and that means I have more time to quilt!  I woke up Saturday morning with that in mind and this is the result.  For a long time I have wanted to make some quilt projects and offer free patterns and tutorials on my website.  Now I finally finished one!  Hey, quilters, let me know if this is helpful.  And if anyone makes a wallhanging like this of your own, I’d love to see a picture!  Hope you are all having a great Memorial Day weekend.  And please check out the USA wall hanging tutorial and let me know what you think.IMG_0394

Sunny Hexies

Oh my!  It’s Spring Break and I can finally think about something other than teaching music for a few days.  I looked at my blog and realized it was stuck in December!  So sorry.  Well, it certainly isn’t cold winter here in sunny Las Vegas today with highs in the mid-80’s.  I needed something bright and fun to post just to get some “Spring” into my blog.  So I searched through my almost finished projects and found these little hexies.  Will it turn into a small pillow or a wall hanging?  Don’t know yet, but I have some ideas.  I’ve tried it out on a couple of different background fabrics just to get my creative juices flowing.   I’ll decide soon what to do and promise not to wait another 3 months to post about it!  Happy Spring!

Sunny Hexies 2Sunny Hexies 1

By the way, I’ve updated my “About Pam” page to reflect a little more of what I am doing these days.

For Unto Us a Child is Born

It was a busy day yesterday, so I am posting 2 today.  The second picture I created in PicMonkey.

May we all remember the true meaning of Christmas.

A Savior was born and still lives for us today!

Happy Christmas to you all and may the true spirit of this season warm your heart  and home with love and peace.

Shepard BoyWonderful.jpg