China Flowers

More pictures from my recent trip to China.  I don’t claim to be a great photographer, but I thought I would share these anyway.   The trees and flowers were just gorgeous!  Especially as we have nary a leaf on a tree yet here in Chicago, I’m so glad that wasn’t the case on our April trip.

These pics are from a 1000 year old garden in Suzhou.  Even though it was a little rainy that day, it was still quite beautiful.



The Chinese love their rocks.  You will see them prominently displayed everywhere.Image


Kularb, Mike, (my brother & his wife),  Pam (that’s me!) and my hubby, David.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Loved this cute umbrella that a little girl was carrying.Image

Outside the garden, there was a farmers’ market.  The fruit was as pretty as the flowers.


Not sure I recognize these!


On the way back we stopped at a flower market in Shanghai.  I’ve never seen orchids like these!


Tabletop trees made of live bamboo.


Tiny dried gourds–about 3″ long.  Not sure what you would do with them, but they were cute nonetheless.Image


Here at home, I’m just hoping my tulips will finally bloom this week!



Color and Value

Quilting with solid fabrics are all the rage now.  This quilt top was pieced by Judi Y.  She did a beautiful job.  The pattern is by Annie Smith from her workshop on value.  If you haven’t realized it already, all nine blocks are the same pattern.  The only difference is the placement of the colors, but more importantly the light and dark values.  As they say “Value does all the work, but color gets the credit”.  Another plus to using solids rather than prints is that the quilting really shows!  I had so much fun with this quilt and even got to use variegated thread.  I wish this quilt could come and live at MY house!