Almost Retired

Another customer quilt finished and I’m almost down to zero (I’m been trying to retire since last Fall!).  I quilted it with my free-hand over all feathers with gold thread.  This beauty was expertly pieced by Jane.  I’m not usually into Civil War era reproduction fabrics, but the double pinks, poison greens and cheddars make this one quite happy!  Love the navy border too.

Jane's reproduction star quilt image image image image image image


6 thoughts on “Almost Retired

  1. I’m sure your clients will miss you very much! That quilt is a beauty. Yes, I do love me some double pinks! And ooooh cheddar! Good stuff. Will you take time for your own projects once you’re done quilting as a business?

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    • I do hope so! It’s hard to work on your own projects when you have a stack of customer quilts waiting. It’s been several years since I haven’t had that and before that, I didn’t have a Longarm! I’m going back to full time teaching (elementary music) in the Fall, so we will see if I can fit it in. I also have dreams of an after school sewing class for kids. They can help me use up my considerable stash!

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  2. The colors are beautiful, I like the reproduction fabrics a lot. I am seeing some of he same ones I have in the borders really just make the quilt. Love the feathers on the border.

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