Not Retired Anymore!

I have been absent from the blog “scene” for sometime, and I apologize.  But I have been busy.  My last post was about my retirement from my long arm quilting business (at least for the immediate future).  But now I have a new career.  I have been hired by the Clark County School District (Las Vegas, NV) to teach in an elementary school of 900 students.  And I teach them all!    I am their new music teacher.  I am an Orff specialist (you can google that!) teaching general music to grades Kindergarten to 5th grade.  I will also teach choir and a select percussion ensemble.  It’s what I did before I became a professional quilter.  But I am not done with quilting.   So what would a music teacher/quilter do?   Make quilts to decorate her classroom, of course!  Here is the first.  It’s going on the wall next to my classroom door.  I’ll be showing a few more of my creations in the next few days.

What ever music classroom needs!   Original design by Pam Schoessow

What every music classroom needs!
Original design by Pam Schoessow


11 thoughts on “Not Retired Anymore!

  1. congratulations on your new job, it sounds really awesome!
    your little quilt to greet your students is so happy. I saw music note in the quilting.
    I made my daughter quilt wall hanging for her classroom. The students do enjoy the warm welcome. Wishing you the best in the coming year.


    • Not quite. Actually, I’m leaving my hubby here to deal with the house. So I’ll just take off with my suitcase (and lots of books and instruments) in about 3 weeks. Actually it’s kind of appropriate. In September, it will be 37 years ago since I moved here with 2 suitcases–straight from my honeymoon. So this is a BIG change for me. I haven’t had time to think about the life I’m leaving behind. But I believe it is for the best so I can be there for my mom.

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