Day 20: Billie Plays Banjo

You may have wondered what owls do up in the trees when no one is looking!

TODAY I am the featured artist on Cindy Williams’ blog!  Please check it out.   I first met Cindy through a previous 30 paintings in 30 days challenge.  She is an American transplant living in the UK.  A wonderful artist in her own right, she is graciously featuring a different artist every day this month.

watercolor 6 x 8 inches by Pam Schoessow

watercolor 6 x 11 inches by Pam Schoessow



11 thoughts on “Day 20: Billie Plays Banjo

  1. Pam this is excellent! It cracked me up!! I think he plays outside my window at night :/lol! Thanks for the plug and compliment! 🙂 your art makes me laugh, its so cute 🙂 I hope you make quilt blocks from these, thatwould be awesome!!!!


  2. Pam this is so great! I love how you handled the bark of the tree, and i laughed when I say you had put the word leaf in one of them. That would be a cool idea for a children’s book. Put the names of things inside so kids could learn what the are. It would be cute if you did the artwork!

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