Sewing Toys

Day 14

Today is a little departure from my seasonal paintings.  Before I started painting, I was (and still am) a sewist and quilter.  A few years ago, I started collecting toy sewing machines off of Ebay.  They decorate my quilt studio.  We quilters do have quite an ability to justify buying a plethora of things.  Image

Here’s some of my collection.



More Ebay finds: vintage spools and pincushions.  ImageImage

After a dozen toy machines, gobs of sewing “stuff” and about 100 unfinished, vintage quilt tops, I’ve managed to tear myself away from Ebay,  My husband (and my accountant) are very happy about that!


12 thoughts on “Sewing Toys

  1. Hey There Pam,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have been enjoying your paintings for this 30 in 30 challenge. This one is great! I love how your paintings resemble quilts!!

    And your collection is WONDERFUL. I’ve never seen such old sewing machines before! They are very cool, indeed. And I bet they look perfect in your quilting studio! (I’ve mostly seen the old black singer models.)

    Have fun with Day #15. Looking forward to more of your paintings!



  2. Pam you have a wonderful collection. My mom still uses her pedal singer sewing one. There is a store front on Newbury St in Boston that is designed to hold about 60 old models in black
    and gold. A wonderful visual delight as is your foursome.


    • Sounds fabulous. Wish I could see it. The really old miniature sewing machines are mostly black and probably made out of cast iron, just like the grown ups of that period. I limited myself to less expensive models that are mostly plastic and maybe just 30 to 60 years old. I would love to collect the older ones, but they can be hundreds of dollars. Maybe someday, when I can justify it. That will probably be LALW (life after lottery win)!

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  3. Enjoyed looking at your collections. I have been collecting unfinished vintage tops for a couple of years now. I want to finish them but…. life gets in the way! Thanks!


    • Karen,
      Of course when I bought all those tops it was with the intent that I would finish them. Well, I think I’ve finished 3 in the last 6 years. I don’t know when I thought I would do it. And I’m finding out that a lot of these tops(most all of mine are hand pieced) are crooked and don’t lie very flat. There’s probably a reason why they weren’t quilted. Oh well, they are still fun to look at.


  4. Pamela, I’m so impressed with your gorgeous paintings! You have a beautiful original style that allows your love of fabrics and design to show through at the same time. You have done an amazing job with the challenge. I have enjoyed seeing your lovely needlework too – something I hope to devote more time to in the future. Also love your sewing machine collection.


  5. Wendy,
    You don’t know how much I appreciate your comments! Being new to this, I struggle to find my own voice. I look around and see things that are similar to what I do, and then I don’t feel very original at all. But I have been encouraged by yours’ and others’ kind comments and I am beginning to think I am on the right track. Thanks. I will keep plugging away at this challenge. It has been fun so far.


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