Do Pumpkins Grow on Trees?

Day 19

Pumpkins, acorns and sunflowers—what an unusual tree!  The blackbird likes it.  Puts him in that Autumn mood.

I promise I will paint something without a pumpkin  before this challenge is over.  For now, I’m still loving those pumpkins!Image

Yellow Bird in the Coneflowers

I love coneflowers.  I love watching them pop through the ground every year.  Mine are are growing strong and I expect to see some flowers appearing in a few weeks.  I love the shape, with the “cone” center and the petals that droop down.  They are so fun to draw.  Where this bird came from I have no idea!


Bird in the Bush


Bird in the Bush

Here’s that pesky bird again! Don’t really know where it comes from. When I sit down to draw, it just keeps showing up. It’s been hard to get out the paints lately. I have been doing a lot of quilting, though. My new pineapple block quilt is coming along nicely. I’ll post some pictures soon.