Quilting with Pineapples


Quilting with Pineapples

I finally finished my pineapple block quilt. Since the colors are quite bright, I opted to use a calmer pink for the inner border and binding. Besides, pink is my favorite color. For the quilting, I used a circular pattern in the center with a separate pattern (I call ‘wood knot’ in the inner border. I used straight lines in the wide outer border. Since the fabrics are crazy busy, it didn’t make any sense to do more extensive quilting. I love the sewing themed focus fabric. I think I will hang this in my sewing room if I can find a spot.


Daily Quilting

Sorry, but I haven’t been doing a lot of painting lately, so my blog posts have been suffering.  I am working on something that I will post in the next couple of days.

In the mean time, I am doing some sort of quilting everyday and although I started this blog to show off my watercolor drawings, I hope you don’t mind if I let you see what  quilts I have in progress.

Yesterday, I spent several hours in quilting workshop with celebrated quilting teacher Gyleen Fitzgerald.  We learned a real fun way to use up scraps with her Trash to Treasures Pineapple quilt workshop.  I got a good start on several blocks and I hope posting my progress now will give me the incentive to keep working so that  I can show you a finished project soon.  Here is a sneak peak.  I’m using “happy” colors!

IMG_0802    IMG_0803

I’ve also been doing some long arm quilting.  Here is a quilt top designed by Bonnie Hunter that I have been working on pieced by my friend, Kathy.   One of the best things about being a professional quilter is having the opportunity to quilt tops that I would never have time to piece.  This one has way too many small pieces, but it’s going to be a gorgeous quilt when it is finished!



That’s all for today.  I will keep you “posted” on future progress.