Playing with Color

This little birdie expresses my sentiments exactly.  Just as little time creating at my sewing machine puts me in my happy place–something I haven’t had time to do a lot of

As with my last post, I’ve playing with the color on the computer.   The above painting is the original.    Below is the computer enhanced version.  I do kind of like the brighter colors which I can’t seem to create as well with watercolor.   love-to-sew-brightlogo

Which do you like best?


Spool Flowers

I finished 3 little paintings when I was visiting my Mom in sunny Las Vegas recently.  Here is the first.Spool Flowers 4" x 4" by Pam Schoessow


I was able to do a little painting on my recent vacation.  Sewing is a familiar theme and thread is definitely a part of my life.  I doubt I ever leave the house without some thread attached to my clothing.  Some people seem to think they need to point this out to me–as though I should be embarrassed to be seen that way in public.  To me it is a badge of honor!


Sew It!


Sew It!

I spend a lot of time THINKING about sewing and quilting. I read magazines and books. Search Flicker, blogs and Pinterest. I drool over fabric on the internet and in fabric stores (and buy an awful lot of it) I draw quilt ideas in my sketchbook and all together fantasize about quilts all the time but have little to show for it. So I painted this little pic to remind myself that nothing will ever happen unless I sit down and DO IT.