Pom Pot

Got up before dawn this morning to the sound of rain.  Kind of unusual for Las Vegas. After studying for tomorrow’s Sunday School lesson, I was in the mood to paint.  So while listening to a quilting podcast and downing a few Girl Scout cookies ( the lemon ones are surprisingly good!), I got to work.  Life is good.

This little drawing is based on antique needlework patterns.  I added a fabric texture in Ipiccy–don’t know if you can tell.  Though my brushwork is a little messy, I like how it turned out.  And it was much faster than needle-turn applique!pom-pot



Day 9: Barry Keeps the Beat While Bessie Sings

I thought I was doing well with this challenge.  I painted ahead so I had something to post early each morning.  But now I have caught up and am feeling the pressure!  I was gone all day yesterday and didn’t even have time to look at all the wonderful art on Leslie’s blog and comment on my friends and others’ paintings.  So how are all of you doing?  We are not even a 1/3 of the way through and now the going is getting tough.  But hang in there.

I thought it was time to depart from the cats as many other animals can make music too.

Making music with a friend is the best!

Making music with a friend is the best!

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