Quilting with Pineapples


Quilting with Pineapples

I finally finished my pineapple block quilt. Since the colors are quite bright, I opted to use a calmer pink for the inner border and binding. Besides, pink is my favorite color. For the quilting, I used a circular pattern in the center with a separate pattern (I call ‘wood knot’ in the inner border. I used straight lines in the wide outer border. Since the fabrics are crazy busy, it didn’t make any sense to do more extensive quilting. I love the sewing themed focus fabric. I think I will hang this in my sewing room if I can find a spot.


Pineapple Quilt Nearing Completion

As I told  you a while back, I took a workshop from Gyleen Fitzgerald called “Scappy Pineapple” .  Well I have finally finished 16 blocks that I think will make a nice table topper or wall hanging.  Here is my finished block.  I pieced it in a “controlled scrappy” fashion.


I took my colors from this focus fabric that I just love:IMG_0855

It’s “controlled scrappy” because although I used lots of different prints, I used the same red fabric in the centers and corners.  I also saved the black to use in the last round of the pineapple.  This creates a secondary design when all the blocks are put together.  Here’s what it looks like.


Now I’m thinking about borders.  I want to use my focus fabric for sure, but I also want a skinny inner border.  I’ve narrowed the small border down to two color choices.  Here’s the “audition”.

IMG_0857 or IMG_0859

What do you think?  The black is the natural choice, but I kind of like the “pop” of the turquoise.  I would really appreciate some input before I complete the top.  So should it be the black or turquoise?  You choose.