June Pumpkin

So why am I quilting pumpkins in June?  Well, this block design has been going around in my head for weeks.  I love the Fall colors and pumpkins.  And since our guild bi-annual quilt show is this October, I thought a pumpkin quilt would be just the thing.  So I thought I would start by making one block and see how it goes.

The pumpkin itself is pieced from strips to make it scrappy.   I created the stem and the black “border” (really a block within a block) with improvisational piecing to give it a wonky look.  I used machine applique (with a wide satin stitch) for the leaf and vine.  I also had some fun with the machine quilting.

This small wall hanging  will go in the silent auction at the show.   I’m hoping to make the quilt about twin sized.   I have a few other quilts I have designed (in my head) that I would like to make as well.   I’m not a very fast piecer, so we’ll see what happens.  I’ll post my progress and maybe that will keep me on track as the summer progresses.



Sampler Quilt

So what I have been doing lately?  Quilting for customers.  This one is a sampler quilt by my good friend, Gale.   The first pic is of the front of the quilt which is essentially a two color sampler.  The other pics are of the back where the quilting really shows up.  I love to quilt sampler quilts (where all the blocks are different).  I get to come up with different designs for each block.

Today I’m spending time working on my own projects.  Our guild has a quilt show coming up and I need to have my things finished by the end of August.  I have several quilts I want to show.  Unfortunately, most of them are still in my head.  That’s because I’m still designing them!    It would be much too easy to follow a purchased pattern.  Will any of these (imaginary) quilts make it to the show?  It’s too soon to tell.


Yellow Bird in the Coneflowers

I love coneflowers.  I love watching them pop through the ground every year.  Mine are are growing strong and I expect to see some flowers appearing in a few weeks.  I love the shape, with the “cone” center and the petals that droop down.  They are so fun to draw.  Where this bird came from I have no idea!


Flowers and Fruit

I love fantasy flowers–I can conjure up anything I want.  Here is the lastest from my imagination.  I will probably spend tomorrow quilting, but I really should be planting some annuals.  Flowers of any kind just make me happy.Image

Zinnias and Marigolds

The house where I grew up in Salt Lake City, Ut had a long wooden fence along the driveway that separated our yard from our neighbors.  My mother always planted flowers along the fence–tall zinnias in the back with shorter marigolds in the front.  They were  planted from seed and would bloom in their glorious splendor about mid June through September.  I loved those beautiful flowers and have been taken with zinnias and marigolds ever since.   I have tried to capture these flowers from my memory in this small painting.


Red Roses and Purple Flowers

I just had to paint something today–it’s been so long.   I’ve been chained to my long arm for weeks it seems.  But I’m leaving on a trip today and am taking my paints.  No sewing!  That really surprises my Mom.  Usually when I go to visit her, I bring all sorts of piecing projects I want to finish.  I think she feels neglected.  I promised this would be a no sewing trip.  I hope she doesn’t mind if I paint all day.

Red Roses and Purple Flowers 2

Spoonflower Contest


Pop Art Chicken Contest

I made some fabric on Spoonflower and entered it in this weeks’ Pop Art Chicken contest. It features my red funky chicken drawing. I haven’t figured out how to get it to show here, but I would appreciate it if you would go to spoonflower.com and vote for me. Thanks!

Color and Value

Quilting with solid fabrics are all the rage now.  This quilt top was pieced by Judi Y.  She did a beautiful job.  The pattern is by Annie Smith from her workshop on value.  If you haven’t realized it already, all nine blocks are the same pattern.  The only difference is the placement of the colors, but more importantly the light and dark values.  As they say “Value does all the work, but color gets the credit”.  Another plus to using solids rather than prints is that the quilting really shows!  I had so much fun with this quilt and even got to use variegated thread.  I wish this quilt could come and live at MY house!



It’s very gray and rainy here today.  A perfect day to stay home and quilt!  Here is more quilter “eye candy” to brighten up your day.   This cute wallhanging was pieced and appliqued by Kathy H.   I think the quilting turned a very nice quilt into something really special.Image  The background quilting really makes the wool applique pop.  What do you think?


Quilted House

Here is more of what I’ve been working on lately.  This small house wallhanging was designed by Edyta Sitar .  The piecing and applique was done by Kathy H.  I had a lot of fun with the quilting.Image

I even added a little “flower garden” at the bottom.



Sew It!


Sew It!

I spend a lot of time THINKING about sewing and quilting. I read magazines and books. Search Flicker, blogs and Pinterest. I drool over fabric on the internet and in fabric stores (and buy an awful lot of it) I draw quilt ideas in my sketchbook and all together fantasize about quilts all the time but have little to show for it. So I painted this little pic to remind myself that nothing will ever happen unless I sit down and DO IT.

Christmas Door


IMG_1011My friend Kathy is way ahead of the game by having me finish this beautifully pieced and appliqued wallhanging well before the Christmas rush. It’s a gorgeous quilt and I had so much fun doing the quilting. Since it is a wallhanging,  I used 80 %cotton/20% poly batting. It will have a flatter appearance (good for a wallhanging) and it has a little weight. It’s also important that the quilting be evenly distributed throughout the quilt.   If I do heavy quilting in one area, I really need to do pretty heavy, close together quilting throughout. Otherwise it could hang a little wonky.


Funky Chicken


Funky Chicken

I’m seeing chickens popping up in several places. I find it interesting when something I think of as old (been there, done that in the 70’s/80’s) becomes suddenly new, popular and “fresh”. (Scotty dogs is another one!) It really is true that there’s “nothing new under the sun”. I wonder how old I’ll have to before I start seeing things come around the 3rd time! Nevertheless, now I’m painting chickens!

Basket Quilt

What’s on my machine lately?  Christine’s  beautiful basket quilt.  The best thing about being a quilt “finisher” is getting to “draw” and play around on quilts I didn’t have to piece!  I get to be creative with a wide variety of styles, colors and patterns.  As much as I like to design and paint, my machine quilting business is my “real” job.   Image

Here’s a close up on the quilting.  Christine wanted an all over design.  I included leaves & curls with gold thread.  All my quilting is “drawn” free hand without any patterns or the aid of a computer.  The border fabric has leaves and strawberries, so I added a strawberry to each basket.  Image

Here’s the whole quilt.  I love the colors.  Now it just needs the binding.  It has a finished size of  75″ x 75″.


Spring has Sprung


Spring has Sprung

Two days in the 60’s ! Spring is definitely in the air. Can’t wait for my tulips to bloom. They are just poking through the ground now. I do have some blooming crocus. This pot of flowers just makes me happy. Hope it lifts your spirit too.

Bridal Bouquet Fabric


IMG_0964Bridal Bouquet

This is my first attempt at making fabric with Spoonflower. I used one of my watercolor pictures, Bridal Bouquet. The motifs are about 1 1/2 inches across. Next time I will send a clearer picture and get better results. But I can see many possibilities for fabric in the future.

Quilting with Pineapples


Quilting with Pineapples

I finally finished my pineapple block quilt. Since the colors are quite bright, I opted to use a calmer pink for the inner border and binding. Besides, pink is my favorite color. For the quilting, I used a circular pattern in the center with a separate pattern (I call ‘wood knot’ in the inner border. I used straight lines in the wide outer border. Since the fabrics are crazy busy, it didn’t make any sense to do more extensive quilting. I love the sewing themed focus fabric. I think I will hang this in my sewing room if I can find a spot.