Painted and Quilted

I painted this little quilt ( 6″ x 6″) and thought I would do a little “quilting”  on it.  This gives you an idea of how I might have quilted this.  As much as I like my new painting venture, I spend most of my days quilting for customers.   Now I can combine both!


Acorn Block

I’m painting some small (4″ x 4″) boards to sell at our guild’s quilt show coming up this month.  Image


I think it looks cute on this tiny wooden easel which I plan to include. 



What do you think would be a good price?  I’ve never sold any of my paintings before.

Day 21 Birds of a Feather


Day 21  Birds of a Feather

I can’t believe this challenge will be over soon. I have been stretched so much by having a reason to paint everyday. Thanks so much to Leslie for giving me and so many others this opportunity.
PS. I might just keep painting every day even when the 30 days are over!

Day 8 Floral Fantasy


Day 8  Floral Fantasy

I’m having so much fun coming up with something to paint every day. The inspiration for this came from a book on quilt history I got for Christmas. I love applique, but I’d much rather paint it than stitch it.