Day 4 of 30 Fast Friends

Rain or shine, these guys stay together.

by Pam Schoessow

by Pam Schoessow

No time for a masterpiece.  I did the background with PicMonkey.  Hope that’s not cheating!


Cat Collaboration

This cat duo looks surprised to be interrupted during their jam session.  Despite that, they make beautiful music together!

original watercolor 4 x4 mini art by Pam Schoessow

original watercolor 4 x4 mini art by Pam Schoessow

Day 30: Sing a Song

I was going to title this “Yay! I’m done!” , but this title is probably more appropriate.  I painted this quickly, and unfortunately, it shows.  But I am off to a three day quilt retreat this morning!  Fun!  I have put my paints away for another day.  So now I have completed 5 of Leslie’s 30 paintings in 30 day’s challenges, and I have been able to complete each one.  Granted, I am not doing fine art–so it’s much easier.  I have enjoyed all the other art, especially from Karin, Sandy, Sheila, Sea, Cindy, Susan and so many others.  And all the positive comments I received really kept me going, especially when I didn’t feel much like an artist at all.  THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support.

So today’s painting is really a doodle that I added some song lyrics to.  Sing was popularized by Karen Carpenter back in the 70’s, but I guess it’s really a Sesame Street song.  Though I was too old to have ever watched Sesame Street as a kid, I did acquire a SS songbook.  I love this song and especially the lyrics.  I truly believe there is joy to be had in the very act of singing.  It really doesn’t matter if you think you have a good voice or not.  Just SING!

Sing a Song watercolor on paper 7" x 7" by Pam Schoessow

Sing a Song watercolor on paper 7″ x 7″ by Pam Schoessow

Day 6: Fabian the Flautist Plays with the Birds

He takes his music seriously!

He takes his music seriously!

4″ x 4 ” original watercolor on board with easel.  Available in my Etsy shop.

Day 23: Leaves, Feathers and Curls

This painting started out as a sketch to explore quilting designs.  It incorporates a lot of fun elements–feathers, leaves, and ribbony curls.  It’s the type of thing I would draw with my machine and is very indicative of my quilting style.  Adding the color just makes it all the more fun.Leaves, Feathers and Curls 2

Day 14: Pumpkins and Sunflowers

This one was inspired by the photo on this month’s Better Homes and Gardens magazine.  I used Arches watercolor paper, so it looks a little different than all the others I have been painting on Aquabord.  I love the colors of Fall and especially sunflowers and pumpkins!Pumpkins and Sunflowers

Day 30 Sail Away

Whew!  This is the last day of the 30 day challenge.  It’s been fun, but I think I will let my paint brushes stand idle for awhile.  Today’s painting is another commission for Karin.  I haven’t done a sail boat before, but I’m happy how it turned out.  It’s also fun to think about warmer days , though the 31 degrees we are supposed get up to today already seems balmy (everything is relative!)  Congratulations to all the other 400 or so artists that have been posting to Leslie Saeta’s blog everyday this month.  It’s been wonderful to see.


Watercolor on Aquabord  5″ x 7″   SOLD


Egg Tree

Did you know that Easter eggs grow on trees?  Well, the Easter bunny does!  How else to do you think he manages to fill all those baskets?



Original watercolor on Aquabord with easel  4″ x 4″  $28 in my Etsy shop

Day 9 To Market

Still drawing bunnies.  This bunny is quite the fashonista!  And she’s only going to the store.  I wonder what she plans to fix for dinner?


5″ x 7″ watercolor on aqua board with easel.  See it in  my Etsy Shop.

Day 4 But She Wanted Four!

After I drew and painted this, I wondered why this bunny looked so disappointed when she had 3 wonderful balloons?  Well, I could only reason that she was hoping for more!  This challenge is turning out to fun.  Now my paintings are talking to me!



4″ x 4″ watercolor on aquaboard  $28 in my Etsy Shop