Lil” Fox

I have several drawings that have been languishing in my sketch book for a few weeks.   I have just been too busy to get out the paints!  I’m going to try to do more art this week.  Here is the first.  This little fox is enjoying time outside with his ladybug friend.  Today is another glorious day here–sunny and in the 60’s! (though I hear is is supposed to rain/snow tomorrow).  Oh well, I will enjoy it while I can.  Had a wonderful walk and now it is time to do some quilting.



You can find this little guy in my Etsy shop.


Winter Fox

Woodland creatures seem to be all the rage now.  I did see a fox in our neighborhood over the summer.  It was a treat.  Who knows where he came from.  This fox looks a little cold.  At least he has a few friends to keep him company.


5″ x 5″ on Ampersand Aquabord