8 Days to Go

Is your shopping done?Presents


13 Days to Go

I’ve really had no time to paint this week while trying to get ready for school holiday performances.  So I’m just going to start my countdown over today and not try to make up the rest.  I’m going to paint quick and small, so don’t expect any masterpieces.   This is just for fun anyway!Noel 1

Winter Fun?

I must admit, I don’t look forward to cold, snow and ice.  Winter in Chicago is NOT my favorite season.  And even though it’s over a month away on the calendar,  it has been rearing it’s ugly head this week.  Burrrr!  This little painting helps me grin and bear it.  I can  fool myself into thinking winter is cute and fun!


Happy Holly Days

Day 28   Happy Holly Days

It will be here sooner than you think!  I find I enjoy drawing and decorating words. This seasonal pic reminds us that it’s not too early to get a jump on preparations.  If I could paint something I could use  in a Christmas card, I’d be way ahead of the game.  I’ll keep painting and sooner or later I will come up with something that I really like.