Day 22 of 30: Be Happy

I’m behind.  I’ve had a bad cold for several days and when I’m not at work, I’ve been sleeping.  No time to paint, so I just did a little doodle while eating dinner.  I’m always trying to remind myself to be happy.  It’s so easy to get down about little things, when in reality I am so blessed.

by Pam Schoessow

by Pam Schoessow


Manner of Happiness

This is a re-do of a painting I did a few months ago.  The former was on paper and too large for my scanner so I could never make a good copy.  I shrunk it down a little, painted it on aqua board ( 5″x7″) and I like it just the same.  Today  I’ve gotten in some good quilting and painting  and am now cozy by my fire.  Bliss.   Hope you have been able to live happy today!