Day 21 of 30: Three Ducks

There’s no place like home.  This one looks especially peaceful.

Three Ducks by Pam Schoessow

Three Ducks by Pam Schoessow

Memories of Summer

It’s gray and windy here today.  As I look out my window, the trees are mostly bare with just a few clinging leaves.  Warm sunny days seem only a memory now.Summer Memories 2

Lil’ Lamb

I’ve been having fun painting a few pictures these last few days.  I’m away from home–away from my quilting machine– so this is my creative outlet while I’m visiting my Mom.  I can paint and visit with her at the same time, so it’s been great.  There’s no particular inspiration for this piece.  I just like houses and little critters, I guess.

Image  Lil’ Lamb original watercolor 5 x 7 inches with easel