5 Little Pumpkins

Day 16

Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate.

The first one said “Oh my, it’s getting late”

The second one said “There are witches in the air”

The third one said “Well, I don’t care”

The fourth one said “Let’s run and run and run”

The fifth one said  “I’m ready for some fun!”

Whooo went the wind and out went the light and the 

five little pumpkins rolled out of sight.

(Can you tell I used to teach Kindergarten music?)



Zinnias and Marigolds

The house where I grew up in Salt Lake City, Ut had a long wooden fence along the driveway that separated our yard from our neighbors.  My mother always planted flowers along the fence–tall zinnias in the back with shorter marigolds in the front.  They were  planted from seed and would bloom in their glorious splendor about mid June through September.  I loved those beautiful flowers and have been taken with zinnias and marigolds ever since.   I have tried to capture these flowers from my memory in this small painting.