Drunkard’s Path with Pepper Cory

So what do you do when you have LOTs of different fabrics?  Make a scrappy quilt!IMG_0592

Pepper Cory, a guest quilt artist at our guild this week literally wrote the book on the Drunkard’s Path Block.  I have always wanted to play with curved seams, so I took her one day workshop on Wednesday.

.Drunkard's Path book

Pepper has been quilting since the late 70’s.   She showed us a lot of options for using this curved seamed block–sometimes combining it with other blocks.  Here are some of the quilts she showed us in class that she has made.

IMG_0801 IMG_0802 IMG_0803

Love the colors in this one!IMG_0804

With 3″ blocks.IMG_0805

Larger with 6″ blocksIMG_0806 Sampler blocks.  Lots of interesting combinations. IMG_0809

Pepper has been quilting since the late 70’s.  Here she is giving some feedback on one of my classmates’ block combinations.  Despite this this poor picture, she really was happy about it!


I decided to use all my reds and creams to make a scrappy quilt.  I’ve just sewn enough blocks to lay out the center.  The individual blocks are 8″–which makes the curved piecing rather easy.  When finished it will have 8 blocks across and 8 down.  Then I will think about a border.  So it will become a generous lap quilt for my new sofa.   This way of configuring the blocks has several names:  Love Ring, Lone Ring, Nonesuch, Rippling Waters, Jig Saw Puzzle or Ozark Puzzle–just to name a few. Trying to figure out how all the names came to be would be another puzzle!  Pepper actually does give a lot of the history of this block and it’s variations  in her book.

working on a curved seamed quilt

I’m determined that this will NOT become another UFO!  Stayed tuned.  This one WILL get finished before my next guild meeting (I hope!).