Trick or Treat

Trick or treat, trick or treat.  Give me something good to eat!

I’ve managed to stay away from the candy so far–but it’s still early.  Normally I stock up around this time for the Trick or Treaters and end up eating all the candy before the 31st.  Invariably, I end up running out to get some more at the last minute.  This year, I’ll just wait until the last minute buy the candy.  That should save me a few thousand calories!  

ImageMy favorite costume that I remember growing up was a pumpkin costume that my Mom made for my Dad.  He wore it every year–didn’t mind looking ridiculous.  When my boys were little, I found some hand made pumpkin costumes at a craft show.    I found this picture recently of my oldest son, Scott, taken when he was in kindergarten.  Isn’t he a cutie!


I also made a larger jack -o- lantern costume  that my husband wore for years.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture.  Maybe I can get him to put it on again this year so I can document it for posterity.