Bluebird Blossoms and Quilting Mags

Quilt magazines are my junk food.  I need a fix everyday.  This latest watercolor was inspired by a picture of an applique quilt that I noticed as  I perused a old mag the other day.  I haven’t really thought of myself as a collector, but I must admit I have quite a few quilting magazines.  I subscribe to 8 or 10 and of course I NEVER throw them away.  I guess I have accumulated hundreds (if not thousands).  Where do I keep them?  Everywhere!  There are magazines stacked in almost every room in my house and basement.  They are toppling over every where.  Of course I need a stash in the bathroom and by my bed.  My husband is very understanding.  He hasn’t complained yet.  What do I do with them?   I flip through them constantly to get inspiration.  To me they are quilters’ eye candy.   It’s amazing that if you just wait awhile, you can flip through a magazine you have read before, and it all seems all new again.  ( I guess my creative memory is very short).   I have even gone so far as to buy used magazines by the box load off of Ebay.  How embarrassing!  Who doesn’t need all the issues of Quilters Newsletter and American Patchwork and Quilting from the 90’s?  You never know what you will find.  How many quilts have I actually designed and made from all of this inspiration you might ask?  Very few, unfortunately.    I’m too busy reading the magazines!  Does any one else suffer from this illness?   Image