Day 4: Family

Families come in all shapes and sizes like this one.  Even good friends can be included.Family and Friend 2


Daylight Owls

I haven’t been doing much painting lately, and it shows!  I thought I would do something fast and simple to get back into the groove.  But then I agonized way too much over this one–the colors were all wrong!  I finally decided to stop fiddling with it and be done!

Even though owls are supposed to be nocturnal, these didn’t think their true colors would be appreciated except in the daylight!Image

How High Can You Go?

Well, it’s looks like the birds won this one.  But this good natured giraffe doesn’t seem to mind!  I couldn’t decide on a background color on this one, so I just left it white.  I like the clean look.


Original watercolor on board with easel 5″ x 7″   $38 in my Etsy shop.    Buy it here.

Day 20 Jungle Cat

Is this a cat?  Is it a tiger?  You decide.   And do heart trees grow in the jungle?  They do in my world!  This one is pure fantasy fun.



Watercolor on Aquabord  5×7 inches.  $38 with easel   See it now in my Etsy Shop.

Day 7 The Happy Couple

I guess this would be considered another one in my “bunny” series.  I really don’t think of series, I just like to draw bunnies at the moment.  To me, this looks like an old married couple who have grown close together (and alike) over the course of many years.  



4″ x 4″ watercolor and ink on aqua board with easel   $28 in my Etsy Shop

Day 6 Have Bird Will Travel

I guess I have winter on my mind.  Hope these guys are warm enough.  Hope you are too on this cold, cold day.

Thanks to fellow artist  Judy Baker   for giving me the idea to use an unconventional color for the background (‘course, blue dogs aren’t that common either!)

Hope you are inside by a fire like I am!Image

4″x 4″ watercolor on board  $28 in my Etsy shop