Day 9: Barry Keeps the Beat While Bessie Sings

I thought I was doing well with this challenge.  I painted ahead so I had something to post early each morning.  But now I have caught up and am feeling the pressure!  I was gone all day yesterday and didn’t even have time to look at all the wonderful art on Leslie’s blog and comment on my friends and others’ paintings.  So how are all of you doing?  We are not even a 1/3 of the way through and now the going is getting tough.  But hang in there.

I thought it was time to depart from the cats as many other animals can make music too.

Making music with a friend is the best!

Making music with a friend is the best!

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Quilt Block One: Bear Paw


Quilt Block One: Bear Paw

After a few days of quilting, it’s time to get back to painting. Sometimes I struggle with what to draw so I thought I would do as many other artists have done–pick a theme. So this weeks’ theme is going to be quilt blocks–something I know. How blocks got their names is a subject for a book. Many blocks are known by more than one name. This one is a classic–Bear Paw. I’m going to try to paint most days and then post the one or two I like best at the end of the week on Leslie’s blog.

Day 26 Cabin Fever


Day 26  Cabin Fever

I love the log cabin block. With one light side and one dark side, there are so many possible patterns. This is the “Streaks of Lightening” setting. I liked my drawing, but labored over the painting and am not very satisfied. But it’s done and so almost is this challenge. I am starting to get “painter’s” block!