Day 10 Kitty Love

I really struggled with today’s painting.  I drew it a few days ago and was quite pleased with it BEFORE I added the color.  It didn’t like what I had done, so I painted over it (which isn’t very successful with watercolor).  Then I REALLY didn’t like it.  So I washed all the color off–well most of it.  That is the advantage with aqua board over paper.  I scrubbed off the paint in the kitchen sink.  Most of it came off.  Then I tried painting it again.  Still not happy with the color, but that’s it.  I’m done!  That’s what happens with this daily challenge.  You paint and move on!

We are getting up to a balmy 39 degrees (F) today.  Yay!  Some snow will melt and maybe I can go for a walk.  Hope you have a warmer day too.

Kitty Love 3


Snowman with Red Birds

I did a little painting yesterday while I was waiting for the Trick or Treaters.  Now that Halloween is over, I can start thinking about winter–the fun stuff only!  This snowman will never be lonely with a the companionship of his birdie friends.

Image 5″ x 7″ watercolor on aqua board