Quilt Design Challenge

On Wednesday I attended a workshop on quilt design.   This is the result of one of the activities.  We were told to design a small quilt aprox. 8″ x 10″.  The edges couldn’t be straight.  All we had was a pile of scraps, scissors and a glue stick.  No drawing or tracing or sewing was allowed.  And we only had 30 minutes to finish our creation.  This is what I came up with.  I must have a one track mind.  Looks a lot like my paintings, don’t you think?  


Affairs of the Heart

I recently finished quilting this amazing quilt.  It’s called “Affairs of the Heart” and was designed by Aie Rossman.  All of the applique is done by hand.  This is another fabulous piece of work by Georgia.  She does amazing work!  I used black thread to do some background fillers around the applique.  I also used several different variegated threads to outline and embellish the handwork.  It was tough to see this one go out the door!



The photos really don’t do it justice, but I did my best to capture this wonderful work of art.


Cyber Monday on Etsy

I added these two paintings to my Etsy shop today.   Don’t forget the 20% off sale in my shop ENDS TODAY.  So if you are interested in something, now would be the time to make your purchase.  Besides, it’s CyberMonday.  That’s what you are supposed to do!



Today is warm!  In the 40’s.  Time to get those outdoor Christmas lights up before it gets freezing cold again.  Every year I wait too long and then freeze my fingers off putting them up.  I LOVE Christmas lights in my yard.  No one else in my family seems to care.  I guess that’s why I end up doing all the work!

I’m still working to get several quilts finished and out the door in the next several days.  I’ve been working on some real beauties that I will show more pictures of soon, but here’s a little sneak peak: ImageImage

Have a great week!