Day 2 of 30 Do What You Love

Day 2 and I am already behind!  As you can see, I’m not finished.  I just had to get to bed before I could finish painting this.  I hope I can get caught up tomorrow.  Only 28 more days to go!

do what you love unfinished

do what you love unfinished

My Music Classroom

Well, after moving across the country and preparing for and teaching my first week of school, I’ve finally come up for air.  I thought you might like to see my classroom and where those quilts went.  As you can see, there is a space theme going on here.Music can take you to exciting placesIMG_1213IMG_1216IMG_1221IMG_1222IMG_1214

Fabric works great for covering bulletin boards.  This space themed line of fabric is from Connecting Threads.  IMG_1215IMG_1217IMG_1218

One of the first things I teach is how to say my name.  It’s easy for the kids, but still hard for the adults!IMG_1220

I will be joining the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge starting on Sept 1.  I think this is the 5th time I have participated, so I didn’t want to miss it.  I don’t know how I’ll have time, but let’s just say my “paintings” will be small and simple.  I look forward to re-connecting with all my artist friends.

Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days: Day 1 — Cool Cat

I’ve decided the theme for my 30 days will be MAKING MUSIC.

I play saxophone, so I had to start with this one.  He definitely IS one COOL CAT!

Cool Cat350by Pam Schoessow

Day 5: It’s Fall Y’all

Well, maybe not according to the calendar.  But it’s September, school has started, and the squirrels are busy in my yard.  That says Autumn to me.It's Fall Y'all


Original 4″ X 4″ watercolor on board with easel.  $28 in my Etsy shop.