About pamelajeannestudio

I started this blog to participate in the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge by Leslie Seata. I have been a creative person from childhood and have always loved making things. I have been a professional quilter for many years. Just recently, I have been doing more drawing and took up watercolor as my medium.

8 Days to Go

Is your shopping done?Presents


13 Days to Go

I’ve really had no time to paint this week while trying to get ready for school holiday performances.  So I’m just going to start my countdown over today and not try to make up the rest.  I’m going to paint quick and small, so don’t expect any masterpieces.   This is just for fun anyway!Noel 1

Countdown to Christmas 2015

I haven’t had much time to do anything but lesson plans for months.  But I miss my art.  I haven’t painted for SO long, I decided I would try to do another  “Countdown to Christmas”–one little painting a day until the 25th–only but I’m already a day behind!  So here’s two for one!

Day 1Pinksnowmanframed

Day 2Snowboarderframed



Day 27 of 30: Uke

I bought a ukulele from Amazon over the summer.  I don’t think I had played one since I was 10.  I purchased the larger baritone size.  It makes a nice sound–not the high twang of Tiny Tim’s ukulele (you’ve got to old to get that reference!).  I use it now in my music classroom to accompany my students when they sing.  It’s better than hiding behind a piano and is much easier to hold than a guitar.  The kids think it’s great and want me to give them lessons!  But i’m too busy teaching 225 4th and 5th graders how to play soprano recorder.  Hot Cross Buns never sounded so good!

by Pam Schoessow pamelajeannestudio.com

by Pam Schoessow pamelajeannestudio.com

23 of 30 : eek!

Still trying to catch up.  This little painting (and I mean little–only  2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″) was painted on a new (for me) medium called Stampbord.  It’s made my Ampersand and says to use it with stamps, inks, embossing etc.  It did not say watercolor, but I tried it anyway.  The surface is slick, like Yupo paper–only it’s mounted on 1/8″ board.  I wasn’t too adventurous with it this time.  Maybe tomorrow.

Eek! 1