Sunny Hexies

Oh my!  It’s Spring Break and I can finally think about something other than teaching music for a few days.  I looked at my blog and realized it was stuck in December!  So sorry.  Well, it certainly isn’t cold winter here in sunny Las Vegas today with highs in the mid-80’s.  I needed something bright and fun to post just to get some “Spring” into my blog.  So I searched through my almost finished projects and found these little hexies.  Will it turn into a small pillow or a wall hanging?  Don’t know yet, but I have some ideas.  I’ve tried it out on a couple of different background fabrics just to get my creative juices flowing.   I’ll decide soon what to do and promise not to wait another 3 months to post about it!  Happy Spring!

Sunny Hexies 2Sunny Hexies 1

By the way, I’ve updated my “About Pam” page to reflect a little more of what I am doing these days.


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