Day 30: Sing a Song

I was going to title this “Yay! I’m done!” , but this title is probably more appropriate.  I painted this quickly, and unfortunately, it shows.  But I am off to a three day quilt retreat this morning!  Fun!  I have put my paints away for another day.  So now I have completed 5 of Leslie’s 30 paintings in 30 day’s challenges, and I have been able to complete each one.  Granted, I am not doing fine art–so it’s much easier.  I have enjoyed all the other art, especially from Karin, Sandy, Sheila, Sea, Cindy, Susan and so many others.  And all the positive comments I received really kept me going, especially when I didn’t feel much like an artist at all.  THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support.

So today’s painting is really a doodle that I added some song lyrics to.  Sing was popularized by Karen Carpenter back in the 70’s, but I guess it’s really a Sesame Street song.  Though I was too old to have ever watched Sesame Street as a kid, I did acquire a SS songbook.  I love this song and especially the lyrics.  I truly believe there is joy to be had in the very act of singing.  It really doesn’t matter if you think you have a good voice or not.  Just SING!

Sing a Song watercolor on paper 7" x 7" by Pam Schoessow

Sing a Song watercolor on paper 7″ x 7″ by Pam Schoessow


15 thoughts on “Day 30: Sing a Song

  1. This piece is so awesome, Pam. You have such a strong, beautiful voice that I can feel the love you put into each painting and in everything you do! Have a wonderful retreat my friend. Thanks so much for your friendship and support during the challenge and for mentioning me in this post! Hugs, Sandy

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    • It means so much to me to hear my art brightens your day. I am having fun at my retreat. I’ve been cutting and sewing some fabulous, colorful happy fabrics. It’s improv pieicing. It will be a surprise to see how it turns out. I’ll be sure to post the results next week.
      Take care, Sheila!


  2. I think the very best paintings are done quickly. I totally love this. I’ve been meaning to do some Koans and Mandalas and it inspires me to get it together. I’ve also been thinking of joining a choir as I was in the choir at school. Wonder if I’ll get roundtoit.


  3. I love this Pam! Sorry I missed some of your posts along the way, have had an upheaval the past two weeks. Nevermind, I am catching u. Thank you for all your cheering along the way and you made me laugh out loud with some of your paintings, they are all adorable! thanks for being a featured artist this month too 🙂


  4. Love, love love this one, Pam. It just makes my eyes light up, if that makes sense. I feel like I could stare at it for a long time and enjoy the vibrant colors and melodies coming forth! Congratulations on finishing your fifth challenge. 🙂


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