Day 26: Carl Makes Clarinet Magic

Even a skunk can make sweet sounds!

original watercolor on paper by Pam Schoessow

original watercolor on paper by Pam Schoessow

The clarinet was my first real instrument (I did dabble a little on piano and recorder before that, but does that count?) Anyway,  when I joined band in 4th grade (age 9) I originally wanted  to play the trumpet, but that only lasted a couple of weeks.  I was highly discouraged by the band director.  This was the 60’s and I guess girls did NOT play brass instruments!  So I took the trumpet back to the music store and they suggested a clarinet, so that’s was I learned to play.

I quite enjoyed the clarinet, but my 3 older brothers, for some reason, didn’t appreciate the “beautiful” sounds I was making.    They insisted that whenever I practiced, I had to go into my parents room and shut the door, go into their bathroom, shut the door and turn on the fan.  Then I was allowed to practice–sitting on the toilet!  But I stuck with it despite all that and played clarinet through elementary school, high school and college.

I still pull it out occasionally.  I even played a solo a couple of years ago in church.  Those things you begin in childhood just stick with you.


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