Day 26: My Happy Place

I was sewing before I was 5 years old and I spent my childhood in fabric stores with my mother.  And still today I get excited just looking at pictures of fabric in catalogs.  Give me a sunny day, plenty of fabric and thread –and a well oiled machine–and I am in heaven!  Where is your “happy place”?My Happy Place


8 thoughts on “Day 26: My Happy Place

  1. Wonderful!…Love that you were five when this love was instilled in you. I have to say my happy place is in the dirt…gardening, and I remember being 4 and loving making mud pies. I think I’ve always loved the garden. I also am loving knitting. I have 5 projects I’m working on. They are all over my living room…kind of crazy and yarn stores…just can’t get enough of all the beautiful colors and textures. 🙂


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