Day 18: Horn Time

I am NOT a trumpet player. Well, not really. I do know HOW to play the trumpet—all the fingerings and how to get a good sound. I have taught beginning trumpet players. But to be a real trumpet player you need to have “chops”. And to build up the muscles in your lips, you need to play often. So I may never be a trumpet player, even though I own a fairly nice, almost brand new trumpet.

When I was in high school, hanging out in the band room, I asked my friend Mike if he would teach me how to play a scale on his trumpet. I was quite pleased with myself when within a few minutes I was able to play a C scale. My band director, Mr. Harris, came out of his office to listen. When I had finished he remarked:

“I have heard cows that sounded better and they still died”. I don’t think that was a compliment! Mr. Harris would probably turn over in his grave to know I became a band director.Horn Time


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