Day 16: Flower Power

This started out as a quilting design.  Since all my machine quilting is hand guided, I draw things out on paper before I “draw” it with my machine.  The large flowers are acting as applique shapes.  The smaller “stitches” are what we call background “fills”.  Since the goal is to stop and start as little as possible, ideally the designs need to be continuous line drawings.  So when I drew it, I tried not to lift up my pen from start to finish.  Sometimes I may need to backtrack a little over previously stitched lines, but not often.  Flower Power

Coloring the quilt design with watercolors really makes it come alive.  If I were to quilt this, I’d have to do it a little larger.  Quilting this densely  takes a lot of  practice, a lot of patience and a lot of time.  It’s only reserved for those very special quilts and is really a labor of love.

Watercolor on Arches 140 lb cold pressed paper,  7″ x 9″


7 thoughts on “Day 16: Flower Power

  1. For some reason this one strikes me more than any you’ve done for a while. The coloring is so visually interesting, like how you filled in only some of the dot sections. It sort of reminds me of a mandala coloring book page for some reason.

    Your eye for color is probably one of your greatest assets as an artist in general. It’s obvious you have a natural knack, and all the quilting classes on color and value only improved it. And then the paintings’ coloring draws from the quilting knowledge, and it transfers so wonderfully.

    (you should edit it to mention the size)


    • Thanks, Robyn. This is the kind of drawing I am most comfortable with. And you are right, it is all influenced by my quilting experience. I really appreciate your comments. I should probably explore more of this kind of thing. I will edit it. The drawing is about 71/2 x 9 inches.


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