Baby Quilts for Charity

I thought I would check back and let you know how  I have been doing finishing my UFO’s.   Well it’s hard to dig into my pile of unfinished projects if I keep starting new ones!  But these I have at least started AND finished–and I’ve made a dent in my stash as well.  My quilt guild provides quilts for a women’s and children’s shelter in our area, so these will go to a good home.

baby quilt stack for charityInstead of trying to follow a pattern, I took fabrics that seemed to go together and just started sewing pieces together in a “Gwen Marston” fashion.

Baby in Green  IMG_0585 IMG_0580 IMG_0587I kept adding pieces until I had a quilt top about 40 x 40 inches.  Then I tried to make them a little more interesting by adding some simple applique that I attached with my long arm.  It’s “raw edge” applique so the edges might curl up a little when washed, but I think that will just add some interesting texture.IMG_0584  IMG_0586 I tried to simulate a blanket stitch on the these stars. IMG_0588It make a quick finish, I brought the backing fabric around to the front to do a mock binding.



I had so much fun making these quilts.  They were simple, yet I was able to use my creativity AND use up some of my stash of fabrics.  I am ashamed to admit, that I probably have the materials on hand to make a hundred more!  I may not have time to make that many, but I will definitely make more.  It feels good to use my  time for such a worthy cause.

Now I just need to wash and dry them before our guild meeting tonight.




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