The Lazy Days of Summer


I do hope we start enjoying some of these days soon!


12 thoughts on “The Lazy Days of Summer

  1. Dear Pam, I love your blog because of two things, your painting of your days, and love your quilts. I am new to painting. I am trying out several things, zentangle, watercolor painting (which I love), colored intense pencils, markers, and large journals. I have not attempted a journal yet, When I read your column, your pictures are so colorful, and remind me of home. Especially the quilt home, and many of your quilts. I just need to let go and loosen up to start the painting, which is so different from quilting. Just me , the paintbrush or marker, and the watercolor journal. Keep on blogging because it is my daily inspiration. Do you have any videos on You Tube? HUGS, PAT MIODONSKI (


    • I’m so glad you are inspired by my painting attempts! I do love color. Start drawing and painting a lot and you will discover your style. I started painting a little over a year ago by participating in an online 30 paintings in 30 days challenge. That really got me going. And there was no time to fret about perfection!


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