I’ve been having fun with my watercolors today.  Lately it’s experimenting with spots and speckles.  I see others creating fabulous backgrounds with oils, so I tried to create something interesting with watercolor.  I first tried the technique with the background only, but then it spilled over into the bird and flower.  I’m not sure about the final verdict, but I think I will keep experimenting.  Any thoughts?



12 thoughts on “Speckles

  1. Love it! I love the speckles and the way the flower just seems to burst open…with the little bird, it just reminds me of spring bursting forth, and boy, do we need some spring after this grueling winter weather.


  2. We sure DO need some Spring around here. I still have a couple of feet of snow on the ground at my house. Certainly doesn’t look like March. I guess I won’t be seeing any crocuses poking up through the ground this year. We’ll just have to make do with painted flowers. Glad you liked this one.


  3. well I like it just the way it is.
    Practice, practice, you will eventually figure out just how to what you have in your head.


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