Happy Tablerunner

I attended a quilt retreat a few weeks ago.  The 26 of us brought our own projects to work on.  There’s nothing better than spending three days sewing to your heart’s content and having someone else do all the cooking!  I like to do  easy projects so I can go home with something finished.  I had a charm pack of 5″ squares (by designer Pat Sloan for Moda fabrics)  that I wanted to create something with.  I had also purchased about a yard of extra fabric that coordinated with the charm pack.  I decided to make a table runner for my long kitchen table.  I made up the pattern, which was quite simple.


I made rows of 3 prints separated by 2″ sashing.  Then I added a wider border with the same fabric as the sashing.

The quilting was very simple–just straight lines.  I varied the spacing to add some interest.  I finished it off with an orange print for the binding.


Though this winter seems never ending (a few more inches of snow today!), this table runner makes me happy every time I look at it.  And even though I didn’t measure beforehand, it fits my table perfectly.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the result.



9 thoughts on “Happy Tablerunner

  1. That’s terrific — a spot of sunshine for this long, cold winter!

    I finished a medallion top this morning, only 35″ square, but good to have done. Then I took leftover large triangles cut for another project, laid them out, and sewed them to make a table runner. I added a 1/2″ border and a 2″ border, and the size is perfect to dress the top of a commode in my dining room. It was fun to use up something already cut, and felt very efficient! So I know what you mean about wanting to take projects that will be easy to finish while on retreat. Gives a sense of accomplishment.

    Thanks for sharing your project and the sunshine with it.


  2. Thanks for sharing, Melanie. It is fun to whip something up fast. I think you get just as much a feeling of accomplishment from an easy project as a hard one. At least the easy ones may get finished! (I have dozens of more complicated projects that may never get done!)


    • Thanks, Sheila. I cheated a little with the color ” choices” as they are all from the same fabric line and made to go together. But I did think this particular line of fabric was very cheerful and fresh and that’s why I chose it. If you want to see what colors are really “on trend”, head to a dedicated quilting store. They are really on top of it!


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