Summer Fun

The bunnies are back!  And I’m dreaming of warmer weather, I guess.  I imagine this little family is on a fun outing to the state fair.  No coats, hats and gloves for them!       I just checked,  it’s currently -15 degrees here in Antioch, IL!


4″ x 4″ watercolor on Aquabord  $28  For sale in my Etsy shop.


3 thoughts on “Summer Fun

  1. Hey Pam – I just got caught up on your great paintings and I love them all. Love your bunnies, esp. the “Think Spring” themes! Congrats on your commission. Love the quilt you created in record time and the quilter’s cottage is adorable. I love the crocks too. Maybe you could just “lift” some pigment from the crocks with a damp brush and some tissues. It’s worth a try and a lot easier than redoing the whole background. Keep up the great work and thanks for all the comments on my blog! xo Sandy


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