Quilt Show

Our guild has a quilt show every two years.  It’s a big deal.  Last October our show featured over 300 quilts.  If you have never been to a quilt show, you really should.  Talk about eye-candy!  You will see work that will blow your socks off.  And you will never think that “blanket” and “quilt” are interchangeable words again!



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9 thoughts on “Quilt Show

    • Our guild is Village Quilters of Lake Bluff, IL. If you googled it, you would find our website and some pics of our last show. Our next show is Oct 2015. It takes that long for our guild (of about 150) to make new fabulous quilts. I’m sure if you paid attention, you might see quilt shows advertised in your own area. But I have to say, ours is one of the best I’ve seen. Most all guild put on shows. It is their main source of revenue to help run the guild and bring in great workshops and teachers.


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