Quilt Design Challenge

On Wednesday I attended a workshop on quilt design.   This is the result of one of the activities.  We were told to design a small quilt aprox. 8″ x 10″.  The edges couldn’t be straight.  All we had was a pile of scraps, scissors and a glue stick.  No drawing or tracing or sewing was allowed.  And we only had 30 minutes to finish our creation.  This is what I came up with.  I must have a one track mind.  Looks a lot like my paintings, don’t you think?  



14 thoughts on “Quilt Design Challenge

  1. wow… you can come up with the most adorable designs ever! and so quick!!!! Love this.. what do you do with all the ‘squares’?


  2. Your mind is prepared to draw/paint like this, even if fabric is the medium, so yes, it does look like your paintings. And yet it has some difference in dimensionality I can’t quite figure… The white and orange flags in the border add interest where it could have gone very dull, and did not. The use of the leaf fabric on the leaves was good — no need to avoid the obvious!

    I dare ya to do more of these! I’d love to see some more examples. Thanks.


  3. Thanks, Melanie. I do like painting with fabric. You can certainly get texture more easily with fabric. And it was fun to just glue it together, though of course in real life it would need to be appliqued. I am working on some small applique projects based on my paintings. They take a lot longer. Not quite ready to “reveal” yet.


    • I too can see the possibilities. I imagine a quilt with several appliqué blocks where this bird shows up in every one. It’s going onto the long list of quilts I want to make. Thanks for your comments, Sheila.

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