Day 25 Quilts for Sale

It was time for me to do a painting with a quilting theme.  The quilter who lives here sure doesn’t have to look far for inspiration! Quilts for Sale 2


5″ x 7″ watercolor on Aquabord with easel   Available in my Etsy Shop.


9 thoughts on “Day 25 Quilts for Sale

  1. The tootsie Roll song came to mind when I saw this. I always loved drawing houses when I was young. Hmm… maybe I should do some having a hard time thinking of things. For some reason, this remind me of the roller coaster in San Diego. Just looks like fun!


    • I’m so glad you “saw” something in my art. Makes me imagine that I have crossed over to art that is deep and symbolic! I love drawing houses though I would be no good with architect renderings. My main criteria is for a house to look happy and inviting, even if it comes out a little funky.

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