Day 21 Just Hanging Around

I worked and reworked the background on this little piece.  I think I will just call it done.  Monkeys seem to be such happy creatures.  When I lived on the island of Okinawa as a teenager, we could walk up into the “jungle” from my house and see them.  They were pretty loud as I recall.  Don’t think I’d want one for a pet.  These monkeys are sweetly silent!

Just Hanging Around 2


4″ x 4″ mini watercolor on board with easel  $28  See it in my Etsy Shop.


10 thoughts on “Day 21 Just Hanging Around

  1. I love the background Pam. If it is a mistake… you make the best mistakes I have seen! I had to laugh at this. (Thank You for the laugh) reminds me of a story we tell about my brother. He had a stuffed monkey and when we asked him what he called it, he said, “Monkey.” Duh. hahaha


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