Day 19 The Three Amigos

The colors I used in this painting remind me of a decorative plate I bought in Mexico a couple of years ago.  So I think these birds must be from south of the border.  The other title I had in mind was “All Dressed Up and No Where to Go”.  But that’s kind of long.  I’ve been trying to spice up my backgrounds.  I still have a ways to go, but I have learned a lot in the last 19 days.  Painting daily really helps.   I hope the rest of you in the challenge are still having fun.  Just 11 more days until I start vacuuming again!



5″ x 7″ watercolor on board  $38   Visit my Etsy shop.


12 thoughts on “Day 19 The Three Amigos

    • Thanks. The inspiration came from something I saw and I sketched it in my sketch book a while back. Now I wish I had jotted down where it came from. We all get inspired by things we see elsewhere, but I do try to use that as just a tipping off point and then make it my own. How do you deal with sources of inspiration in your art?


    • It’s Ok to occasionally regroup. I stopped quilting to paint, so I need the challenge to be over so I can get back to that. But what I have learned is that I won’t run out of ideas which has been a real confidence builder for me.


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