Day 17 Love Grows

These pots of hearts are full of love.  Love is easy to grow if you nurture it well.

ImageWatercolor on Aquabord  6″ x 6″   You can purchase it  in my Etsy Shop.



10 thoughts on “Day 17 Love Grows

    • Karin, I do play a lot of instruments because I am former music teacher and band director . But I have never played these stringed guitars because they need to be restrung. I inherited them from my brother when he died a few years ago. He bought them in Spain over 40 years ago. They aren’t your normal guitars so I’ve just never taken the time to learn to play them, though I do play guitar. Now I just display them on a shelf. I’m trying to make the pictures for my Etsy shop more interesting. Since I am not really a photographer, I’m just mixing it up a bit. Today while I have been sewing, I have been listening to several free podcast interviews with people in the art business. They are free until the end of the month only. If you are interested, google Thriving Artist Summit and you should find the links. All of us artists should know about this. I think I found out about it when I visited Tara Reeds site on art licensing .

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      • The instruments are gorgeous! We play as well. We used to have a family band…cello, guitar, mandolin, banjo, upright bass, fiddles, dobro…we all play different ones and some play several. I miss the music.

        I will look up the site. 🙂


      • Oh, you must have had fun! I tried to get my boys to play, but they just weren’t that interested. They are good singers though. I still direct our church choir of about 25 singers. But I miss playing in a band. In high school and college my favorite thing was playing Tenor sax in the Jazz band. But I got my degree in voice. I loved to draw when I was a child . My second grade teacher had me do the drawing for her bulletin boards. I wonder if I hadn’t gone into music if I would have gravitated to art instead. Well I have now!

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