Day 6 Have Bird Will Travel

I guess I have winter on my mind.  Hope these guys are warm enough.  Hope you are too on this cold, cold day.

Thanks to fellow artist  Judy Baker   for giving me the idea to use an unconventional color for the background (‘course, blue dogs aren’t that common either!)

Hope you are inside by a fire like I am!Image

4″x 4″ watercolor on board  $28 in my Etsy shop


14 thoughts on “Day 6 Have Bird Will Travel

  1. Your work always gives me a warm smile…. I am trying something new….

    Your work always brings a warm smile! I am trying something new…..

    Figuring out ways to be a contributor to our society has been somewhat trying because I feel I have but one talent, that in art. A few minutes ago it occurred that I can offer personal critiques to fellow painters, and other artists, without charge and that may be a real contribution I can make!

    Mine is but one voice, but it is one voice and sometime one different voice, a different set of eyes, is all it takes to trigger a new method, tactic, or technique, to solve a trouble spot.

    Professional, amateur, or in between, if you have a painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed (or entirely new medium) that could benefit from another opinion, please, post it to my email, I would love to see it.

    I will be happy to tell you what I like about what you have done and possibilities I may see for making it even better.

    All media, all techniques, almost all work accepted. Please, submit nothing lewd,too crude, or pornographic. I suppose that has its place, but I will not respond in any way (except to delete it from my machine) to such material.

    I love art and artists! I enjoy expressing my opinions. I have experience teaching drawing, painting, design, and general art at university level. Please, send a photo of what you are working with, struggling to complete, or wondering about…. I will write my critique, send it to you, and post it all on my blog (a bit more publicity for your art!).

    You, on receiving my ideas, may choose to use, or ignore any suggestions made.

    Please pass this on to other artists.

    Sounds like FUN to me! And perhaps we can all learn…..


    • Marilyn,
      Your offer sounds like a wonderful thing! What a great way to give back. I will see if I can pass it on to the artists I know. Though, I must tell you that I don’t consider what I do very good art and the only way I can even put it out there is because nice people make nice comments and overlook it’s many deficiencies. I know they are being kind and I appreciate it. I’m completely self taught and have no art training so I’m just fumbling along. Please don’t be offended if I’m not sure my very fragile art self could handle a REAL critique.


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